Cathlea Mulligan

Professional Counselling

M. Couns. (current), GradDipCouns, B.A.



A kind heart, a listening ear and a gentle presence.

Hi, my name is Cathlea and I’m a mother, counselling practitioner/ student and school chaplain living in Townsville, QLD. I am passionate about the pursuit of wholeness and how counselling can be a profound conduit for this journey. I speak three languages and have spent many years travelling. I love reading, engaging in deep conversations and spending time in nature.

As a counsellor, it is my role to walk alongside you with empathy and bring psychological tools and experiential insight to our sessions as we explore the person that you are and the person that you seek to be. I look forward to meeting you and sharing these meaningful moments in time together.

A kind heart, a listening ear and a gentle presence.

My Services


Individual counselling

A method of talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy, where we use dialogue and the counselling relationship to understand your issue and move towards your desired outcome.

$70 for 50 minutes ($50 for students & concession card holders)



Group therapy

A form of talk therapy, but this time with a group dynamic. The group can either be made up of people you already know, such as family/ friends, or it can be people you don’t know, but who have a similar/ shared experience around your issue as you.

$35 per person for 50 minutes (minimum of 3 people)



Wellbeing workshop

Are you seeking to gain deeper understanding in your business/ organisation around mental health topics such as: grief & loss, trauma-informed practice, healthy boundary setting, effective stress-management and self-care? Using contemporary psychological literature I can provide a 2-hour, tailor-made, professionally researched and interactive presentation to leave you and your co-workers feeling informed, equipped and empowered in your chosen area of mental health.

$300 for a 2 hour online/ in-person session*

*Must be based in Townsville, QLD.

My Approach

I use an eclectic mix of psychological approaches with each session being informed and shaped by your goals, needs and who you are as an individual.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:

We seek to address negative thought patterns that drive undesired behaviour. We look at whether your thoughts are aligned with reality and whether they are helpful or destructive to yourself and your relationships.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy:

ACT is a mindfulness-based therapy where we use present moment awareness and acceptance to find peace with where you are at, whilst making active, pragmatic steps towards where you want to go.



Centred around meaning in life and the understanding that for some people, finding meaning within their experiences, challenges – and even within their suffering – can bring them a new and profound sense of freedom, and purpose.



Do you offer Medicare rebate?

No, however, I am certain you will find that my hourly rate is competitive with the gap fees payable with a rebate.



How many sessions do I need to book?

I would generally advise at least 8-10 sessions to be able to see tangible change, but I am happy to discuss this further during our first session.



What will the first session be like?

During the first session I will spend lots of time asking you questions about yourself and the reason you’ve come to counselling. We will look at topics such as your family history, your mental and physical health, your relationships, beliefs etc.



Are our sessions completely confidential?

Yes. There are, however, legal requirements to report what has been shared in our sessions, but this will be outlined clearly for you in our first session.

Book a session

I am available for online Zoom counselling sessions and face-to-face sessions for those living in Townsville, QLD. My current work hours are as follows (time in AEST):


Monday: 1pm – 5pm

Tuesday: 1pm – 5pm

Wednesday: 1pm – 5pm